PornHub discloses which countries access pornographic sites the most

There is no doubt that pornography is one of the biggest sources of profit on the Internet, but have you ever stopped to think how much time a person usually spends accessing this kind of content?

Pornhub, one of the largest adult entertainment sites in the world, has conducted a survey to define some interesting numbers.

According to the studies, the regions that spend more time watching HD Porn are the ones that are in green on the map below, that is, China, Madagascar Island, the Philippines and some countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, Botswana and Cameroon.

These regions usually spend 13 to 17 minutes on pornography sites.

Map of the countries that access pornographic sites the most, according to PornHub

Countries highlighted in yellow or orange spend an average time, from 9 to 13 minutes. Among them are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Australia and most countries in Africa.

Brazil is in the red category, of users who spend 7 to 9 minutes on adult portals. It is accompanied by a large part of Europe and South America.

Finally, the dark red colored countries do not have much of this custom and spend 5 to 7 minutes on porn sites.

If you are curious about more, for example, in the “Cities” tab you can still check the ranking of the cities.

What is the highest porn producing country?

With the publication of Playboy and Hustler magazines in the 1950s, porn entered its corporate phase.

It has become an enterprise so large that no one can accurately estimate its size.

Pornography is just another business, and like any other business, there are some bad actors who exploit their workers.

However, social taboos associated with this profession/business allow for these infamous features to flourish behind the scene.

There has never been such an appetite for pornography as there has been in the last few years, and the consumers are probably not aware of how much of this material is being monetized.

Pornography has become one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors in the entire globe.

The reason why this industry, which has been deemed extremely discriminatory against women and minors, has grown so rapidly is because of demand and supply economics.

As long as there’s demand for a particular type of content/service, product, etc., there will be increased supply and production.

Let’s take a look at the market shares of the top five online porn producers in the world:

1. United States: 24.52%

2. United Kingdom: 5.49%

3. Germany: 4.90%

4. Brazil: 4.80%

5. France: 4.01%

Funny enough, despite these countries being the largest porn producers in the world, they are not amongst the most promiscuous countries in the world.

Which are the most sexually open countries in the world?

To know which countries are more sexually open or promiscuous, as this is the more appropriate term, we will be using the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory (SOI).

First, let’s define what it means to be promiscuous.

Casual sex (often called promiscuous behavior) involves frequent sexual encounters with multiple people who may be strangers but not necessarily known by each other.

An example of promiscuous behavior would be having one night stands, where two (or more) partners have sexual intercourse purely for the sake of enjoyment without any expectation of a continued relationship following the act.

Some modern cultures hold different expectations for male and female sexual behavior.

Because men who have lots of sex with people other than their primary partner tend to be praised for their ability to copulate, they’re sometimes called players or studs and considered admirable for their sexual skills.

On the contrary, women who have sex with lots of people tend to be called “loose” or even “whores.” They’re often treated with contempt and disdain.

Using the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory (SOI) to measure a country’s level of promiscuity

It’s difficult to determine a country’s level of sexual promiscuity.

Most data are collected by asking people directly for their answers. Strong social or personal motivations can cause people to minimize or exaggerate their sexual activities.

One of the most widely accepted studies into national differences in sexual behavior was conducted by psychologist Dr. David P. Schmitt.

Schmitt’s study was the first to compile interviews with thousands of people and is considered by many to be the most comprehensive and most often cited clinical study on the subject.

Schmitt’s research condensed each person’s answers to a detailed questionnaire into a single number called the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory, or SOI for short.

Higher SOIs indicate people who have unrestricted mating strategies, whereas lower SOIs indicate people who tend to be more restrictive when choosing mates.

Here are the top 10 most promiscuous countries in the world.

  1. Finland – 50.50
  2. New Zealand – 47.69
  3. Slovenia – 46.26
  4. Lithuania – 46.10
  5. Austria – 45.73
  6. Latvia – 43.93
  7. Croatia – 42.98
  8. Israel – 40.95
  9. Bolivia – 40.9
  10. Argentina – 40.74

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